we   never   overload   servers

We have high-end servers, a low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat, for guaranteed speed.

absolutely   no   outsourced   support

We don't just hire a couple of customer support reps from the other side of the world that we don't even know, who know nothing about ColorHost. Our team knows us, and they know how to help you.

we   donít   have   any   gimmicks

No hidden fees, no automatic charges, no misleading information. We pride ourselves in not being one of those companies who tricks people into giving us more of their money.

Welcome to ColorHost

We here at ColorHost provide premium-grade hosting for any type of website.
We provide two different plans for an average website, and 2 reseller plans for your
hosting site, or a variety of other plans, which can be found on our plans page.

Everything we do is 100% legal, unlike a variety of other hosts. All of our servers are
on-shore, meaning we donít host our servers outside of United States soil to let our
clients get away with illegal acts, which means you know weíll never get shut down.

We own our own servers, we donít oversell server space, and all of the software we
use is licensed to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, We are always here to contact.

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99% Server Uptime
We can almost guarantee that you will never face a downtime while you're hosted with us.

24/7 Server Support
Always online assistance. Need us at 4AM? We will be here.